The Final Judgement

I have a tendency like many do to judge people almost instantly based on looks actions etc…  I am rather harsh and severe at that too. I judge myself probably more than I judge others though but I have to live with myself every second of every day so I let it go. The point is that once again in my life I have learnt that I function better off on the periphery and that that is where people seem to prefer that I hang anyways.  The point is that I’m pretty much done with this short lived and tragic excuse for a blog. Blogging like so many things in the modern world is about social networking and I suck at being social and I have never maintained my networks. Therefore blogging is probably not for me either just like myspace and facebook and all the other social things like being in public places and having relationships of any type I suck at friendships, relationships, censorships but I Might be good at battle ships. I am sure that Dyson is successful because they have secretly been studying me. Maybe work has finnaly done the grind stone thing to me but I am tired of putting uf fronts of being nice and caring about insignificant problems and I am tired of whiny ass adults. Partly because I think some of it starts to rub off on me after being around it too much and I have started to find that If I actually listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth I cant help but think. Why do I even care to make this statement in the first place? Nobody else could care less so why do I even expend the energy. My life has become rather quiet of voices. My own voice and that of others. I think that this may be just fine too. Someone close to me once stated when we were younger that I would become a lonely hermit and I was adamant that that wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps she saw the future for a moment but I think perhaps she was right. I think that that maybe everyone has been right all along about me and I am just so selfish and self centered that I would rather just be silent and alone and off of everyones radar because I don’t think that I care enough to even want more than that. I guess it’s the easy way out or whatever I just don’t care any more and don’t want to muster any more caring.

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